41″Japanese Ninja sword Full Tang 1060 Black Blade Sharp Handmade Sword

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  • Overall Length 40.9 inch /104 cm
  • Blade Width (near Habaki 1.26 inch /3.2 cm
  • Handle Length 10.6 inch/27cm
  • Blade Length 28 inch /71 cm
  • Blade Width (nearKissaki 0.87 inch /2.2 cm
  • Handle Material Hand Wood
  • Blade Material 1060 High Carbon Steel
  • Weight (with Saya) 1.15kg (approximately)
  • Say Material Hard Wood
  • Blade type Straight with Bo-Hi
  • Weight (without Saya) 0.95kg (approximately)
  • Tsuba Material Zinc Alloy
  • Condition New, unused
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Technology introduction: This is a real sharp Japanese samurai sword NINJA. The sword was made by ancient Japanese sword making techniques, hand-forged, polished and sharpened.Please see it detailed information.
Blade: Blade is the soul of a sword.The blade of the sword, use 1060 high carbon steel , hand forged ,hand polished and hand sharpened . Then By special processing technology, make blade surface covering the black coating. Usually it won’t fall off, but if friction with hard objects, will leave a scratch, it depends on the sharp degree of other objects.The blade is full tang handle.This makes it stronger.The blade is very sharp, enough to let you easily cut a paper or green bamboo.
There are a groove(Hi) in each side of the blade ,which can reduce the weight of the blade, so the blade and the handle to achieve a better balance.

Tsuba (Handguard): It is made of Zinc Alloy,by mold making.Habaki is made of Brass,Seppa (spacer) is made of Brass
Tsuka(Handle):It is made of hard wood.Using black Imitation ray skin covered on wood surface. High-quality black synthetic silk Tsukamaki wrapped around the outside.Zinc Alloy Kashira Fuchi and Menuki. The handle and tang are fixed with 2 pegs, is very strong.
Saya(sheath): It is made of hard wood.The surface is Bordeaux red and smooth paint. High-quality black synthetic silk Sageo.

NOTE:1.The item standard configuration for a sword and a professional sword bag.
2. We provide katana stand for free
3. Because all swords are full hand made, so the size of each sword will vary slightly. please understand,thanks


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